Mather Sports Village, World Class Destination

Coming soon to the Sacramento, CA area

Sports Component

Baseball – Fastpitch – Slowpitch -Golf – Football – Soccer – Basketball – Volleyball
- Tennis – Rugby – Gymnastics – Biking – Cross Country – Lacrosse

Commercial Component

Sports Retail Center - Cafes and Restaurants - Fitness Center - Athletic Rehab Center
- Meeting Center – Game Arcade - Entertainment Venues – Water Park

Housing Component

Athlete / Team Dormitory - Condominiums / Villas - Hotel

Educational Component

Learning Center - Private Academy 4 year Boarding School - Private 4 year College
- International Student Exchange Programs

Project Vision
To provide a world-class multi-sport and entertainment event center and provide related
services that draws amateur and professional athletes to our complex year round.

If you would like information regarding how your team, league, group or company can utilize
The Mather Sports Village in the future, or to learn about investment opportunities, contact
Ed Feldman at 650-799-0636 /
Jay Zetz at 916-919-5968. /